‘Christian’ Pastor Gets BUSTED In Arizona For Molesting Children For Decades

An Arizona pastor used his position to get close to children for decades so he could rape them – and now he has finally been arrested by law enforcement.

Jose Vicente Morales of the Iglesia Impacto De Fe church in Phoenix was arrested at his home on September 9th and charged with sexual abuse, child molestation and sexual conduct with a minor, one of whom he “married” when the girl was 10 years old and impregnated when she was 13 years old.

According to ABC 15:

Court records show that 49-year-old Jose Vicente Morales had been molesting children for years; he impregnated one of the victims when she was 13 years of age.

In the ongoing investigation, police report Morales may have molested or sexually assaulted at least five victims who were either church members or known to Morales outside of the church setting.

Multiple victims have come forward, including a teen who says the pastor lured her into a home and and sexually assaulted her and another who says he molested her from the time she was seven until she turned 12.

Thus far, Morales’ church has not responded to the arrest and charges.

But when they finally get around to doing so, hopefully they will not blame the victims like the Columbia Road Baptist Church in North Olmsted, Ohio did earlier this month when they demanded that a teenage girl apologize to the wife of the youth pastor who raped her repeatedly.

Churches are an easy target for rapists and pedophiles because working in that setting, especially as a pastor, provides them instant access to potential victims who are more likely to trust them.

That’s why it is so important for churches to perform background checks and for parishioners to be cautious. Not all pastors are predators, but these incidents have happened far too often to trust someone entirely.

Featured image via Wikimedia