Rocker Marilyn Manson Is Thrilled That Fox News Is Imploding

Fox News is falling apart and no one is happier than Marilyn Manson, who was one of their biggest targets in the 1990s.

Sexual harassment scandals and an exodus of top talent combined with an aging audience has put great strain on the conservative network in recent months. Millions of dollars has been lost and Fox’s reputation as a defender of “family values” among conservatives has taken a major hit.

Most of the public is cheering for Fox News’ collapse, bu shock rocker Marilyn Manson is cheering louder.

Back in the 1990s, Fox News viciously attacked Manson and his music and falsely blamed him for the Columbine mass school shooting, which led to Manson appearing on the show to humiliate Bill O’Reilly.

During an interview with the Daily Beast, Manson talked about Fox News and expressed his joy at watching the network fall after being asked if he gets a “sense of satisfaction out of seeing Fox News—and its former chief Roger Ailes—get its comeuppance?”

“Fox News was just starting up and Columbine was really their platform that launched them. They used me and I enjoyed going up against Bill O’Reilly. I remember being in their building and walking right past Shepard Smith, and he was the one who’d reported on Columbine inaccurately. He was the one saying [the shooters] were wearing Marilyn Manson makeup and shirts—which none of that was true—and I walked right past him and gave him the f*cking dead eye. And Bill O’Reilly was so ill-prepared, I loved handing him his ass. So yeah, it’s been fun watching them go down.”

Roger Ailes was forced to resign after it was revealed that he spent years sexually harassing female employees, including Gretchen Carlson and Andrea Tantaros, both of whom filed lawsuits against Fox. Tantaros’ lawsuit is ongoing but Carlson recently settled hers and received $20 million from the network and an apology.

Speaking of Bill O’Reilly, he is named in Tantaros’ lawsuit, which must bring even more of a smile to Manson’s face.

Featured image via Wikimedia