Longtime GOP Consultant Throws His Party Under The Bus By Explaining Voter ID Laws

A longtime Republican consultant, Carter Wrenn, has finally said what the rest of the GOP won’t about voter ID laws. In-person voter fraud is an excuse, and the laws that force people to obtain certain identification, along with limiting or eliminating early voting and other provisions, wouldn’t happen if the black community would just vote Republican.

You can’t make this up. Wrenn told the Washington Post:

“Look, if African Americans voted overwhelmingly Republican, they would have kept early voting right where it was. It wasn’t about discriminating against African Americans. They just ended up in the middle of it because they vote Democrat.”

So…it was about discriminating against African-Americans. How on Earth does Wrenn get from “If African Americans voted overwhelmingly Republican” to, “This wasn’t about discrimination?” There’s no way to make that leap of logic without an awful lot of crazy gymnastics.

Basically, Wrenn just admitted that Republicans wouldn’t push down the black community if the black community would just do what Republicans want. Republicans would probably be all for fixing inner cities, passing jobs bills, passing crime bills, ensuring the social safety net isn’t gutted, and more, if the black community voted Republican. But, since they don’t, fuck ’em. The GOP has to protect its majorities, after all.

Wake County, in North Carolina, the state whose voter ID law Wrenn was discussing, says that more early voting would just waste tax dollars and cause additional chaos. Excuses, excuses, and flimsy ones at that. All the county boards in North Carolina are Republican under state law because the governor is a Republican. They’re apparently all on his side with rationalizing away their blatant discrimination any way they can.

The Supreme Court refused to grant a stay on a lower court’s decision that North Carolina’s law was crafted with the specific intent of suppressing the black vote. Governor Pat McCrory threw a livid fit, saying that the Court had denied basic voting rights to North Carolina that other states are allowed to enjoy.

It’s really the state that’s trying to deny basic voting rights to their black community, all in the name of “preventing voter fraud,” and protecting “one person, one vote.” McCrory has his lies all lined up in a neat little row, though, and will use them, one after the other, for as long as he has to.

The GOP needs to clean its own house before they cry about voter fraud. Their standard-bearer’s own campaign CEO is guilty of attempting voter fraud, which just makes them utter hypocrites for tolerating that and whining up a storm about the need to prevent voter fraud.

But don’t call them racist, and don’t call these laws racist! The GOP has this strange need to convince itself that this isn’t about racism. Consider this, though: even if it truly wasn’t about racism, they’re still working to actively deny people their constitutional right to vote. Wrenn just damned his party with that interview.

Featured image by Mario Tama/Getty Images