Racist Florida Woman Tells Black People ‘You Should Have Stayed In Africa’ In INSANE Rant (VIDEO)

A racist white woman in Florida is surely furious after her African-American neighbors posted a video of her dissolving into a hate-filled mess outside her home on a residential street in Tallahassee, Florida. The video was apparently recorded in March, but the teens who captured the magical moment in which this classy, white, pink bikini-clad lady unleashed a stream of verbal diarrhea all over the sidewalk, posted the footage online recently.

The woman, who is apparently drunk, begins by making fun of the African-American females’ bodies. When a male in the back says “black don’t crack, baby,” things went from zero to racist instantly. “Black don’t crack?” the likely Trump voter responds. “Black IS crack. Crack IS black!”

But she wasn’t done there. The unidentified Cracker-American told the “black b*tches” (her cute nickname for them):

“You all should have stayed in Africa. And you can go back there, it’s free. You know you can go back to Africa, if you want to. And you can take your Washington and Jefferson last names.”

One of the teens decided to remind her she is being recorded — “don’t say nothing else” — but our intoxicated white friend was in full-Trump mode.

“We’re gonna take over these neighborhoods,” she says, continuing her slack-jawed diatribe. “Martin Luther King was a sl*t! He was a sl*t who was f*cking white people. Martin Luther was f*cking white people the day he died.”

Ultimately, the lady’s hate-filled frenzy became so irritating for her daughter, who was forced to stand in the background and attempt to ignore her mother’s idiocy, had to step in. The daughter screamed “Mom, will you stop” as she grabbed her hand and tried to pull her back.

“It’s ridiculous that your own child has to tell you to stop,” one of the teens said, and it truly is.

Featured image via screen capture