Conservative Activist Tells Milwaukee ‘Patriots’ To Shoot Black ‘Women And Children’ (VIDEO)

“Greetings patriots,” right-wing activist and all-around bigoted Cracker-American Jim Stachowiak greets his mixed crowd of vapid idiots and people laughing at him in his August 14 video blog entry. As usual, this right-wing “Patriot” is proudly standing before his camera with his trusty penis enhancement (known by the ammosexual community as a “gun”). But instead of his usual anti-Islam rant and matching “Fuck Islam” t-shirt, viewers are treated to an image of the not-racist standing before them in a t-shirt reading “[Middle finger] Black Lives Matter.”

Yup, you know what’s coming next: a disgusting racist rant he will swear endlessly is not racist. “I want to address the recent unrest of Black Lives Matter and what happened last night in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.”

What happened in Milwaukee was horrible. Spurred by police shooting a fleeing black man who happened to be armed with a stolen handgun. The community, which police describe as a “powder keg” for potential violence during the summer, erupted as yet another black man was gunned down by cops this year. While the majority of protests were peaceful, some people chose to destroy rather than fight for healing. But plagued by police violence, some of the community members could no longer contain their anger. After all, simple possession of a handgun police did not know was stolen until after they murdered the suspect is not deserving of a death sentence.

“Based on everything I’ve seen,” Stachowiak says, “the officer act properly” because the suspect was running away, clearly not a threat even if he had a gun in his possession. “If he didn’t want to get shot,” he says, “he should have stopped.”

“The actions of the Black Lives Matter in the black community in Wisconsin had proven once again that Black Lives Matter is not just a hate group, but a domestic terrorist organization,” Stachowiak continues, calling the social justice group “a bunch of animals” before backtracking and limiting his “animal” claim to “looters” he says are affiliated with Black Lives Matter. He continued, accusing Hillary Clinton and “you, Barack Obama” of embracing “a terrorist organization” — you know, kind of like how Trump has embraced the Ku Klux Klan, but without the actual terrorist organization.

Stachowiak says that the homes of Black Lives Matter leaders should be burned to the ground — as should any “looters,” real or imaginary (let’s face it: he just wants to kill him some “n*ggers,” as he has oh-so-politely said in the past). He also had something to say about black people who take advantage of the chaos to steal from stores — especially the women and children:

“I don’t care if they’re women an children, anyone coming out of a store [he raises his gun and points it menacingly at the camera] should be shot on site. They should be shot exiting the store. If they make it down the street…shoot them in the back.”

What the f*ck kind of coward wants to shoot women and children in the back? What sort of degenerate would even suggest such a thing? This guy. This guy right here.

“I got a round with your name on it,” Stachowiak says, producing a bullet with “BLM” written in marker. “Try to burn my home. Try to burn my business and I guarantee you’ll never make it out of the driveway because I’ll drop you like it’s hot.”

Neither arson, nor attempted arson, is a crime that would make one eligible for the death penalty in any state.

Stachowiak continued his unhinged rant with an explanation that “Black Lives Matter are working with the Muslim Brotherhood.” According to the master detective, the Muslim Brotherhood is supplying weapons to “radical black Americans.”

After condemning the Mayor, the National guard, and police for failing to sharpie up their bullets and shoot black men, women, and children they suspected of looting “in the face” without a trial. His solution, of course, is to “light up the front of the store” whenever a looting is suspected and mow everyone who comes out down in the street.

“But Jim, there might be a 12-year old girl or a 8-year old boy,” he says sarcastically. “It’s called collateral damage.”

Children are “collateral damage.” Yes, he really said that.

Stachowiak says that Michael Brown “got the justice he deserved” after Officer Darren Wilson accused him of jaywalking, and warned the Justice Department that things are going to get “much worse” if they don’t start shooting black people who might or might not be protesting or rioting on sight. If this lack of face-shooting persists, he says he will gather his  Veteran friends to do some hunting. Turning to show the back of his t-shirt, which reads “Black Lives Matter are domestic terrorists,” he said:

“Black Lives Matter is a domestic terrorist organization. And the way my friends that are Iraq and Afghan veterans, some of which are schnipers [sic], the way they dealt with terrorists on the battlefield is the way we need to deal with Black Lives Matter in the streets of America.

Watch the video below:

Featured image via screen capture