Catholic Priest Suspended For Sending D*ck Pics To Parish’s Pool Guy (VIDEO)

Another day, another situation where a Catholic priest is caught being a pervert. Monsingor Lawrence McGovern is the head of the Presentation Parish in Stockton, California. He also clearly has a proclivity for gentlemen. McGovern allegedly sent photos of his penis to an unnamed man who takes care of the swimming pool at the parish. The man complained about McGovern’s sexual harassment to the police, and the parish, in true Catholic fashion, fired him.

Vince Vinaldi is a lawyer for the fired pool man, and he says of the situation:

“It’s extremely disturbing that the person’s who is head of this parish would be sending text with photographs of his exposed genitals. Someone’s who’s engaging in that type of conduct has very, very serious credibility issues and issues with judgement.”

Finaldi also says that the pool man approached McGovern about the explicit material that he was receiving, and also pointed out that Catholic priests are supposed to be completely celibate. The perverted priest simply responded, “Oh, that just means that you’re not married.”

Last I checked, celibacy in modern times refers to abstaining from sexual activity, not marriage.

The Stockton Parish suspended McGovern once the allegations hit the news, and issued the usual generic statement regarding a supposed internal investigation:

“Today the Diocese of Stockton learned for the first time of employment related allegations against Monsignor Lawrence McGovern, the Pastor of Presentation Parish in Stockton. In accordance with the Canon Law of the Church, Bishop Stephen Blaire has placed Monsignor McGovern on administrative leave pending a full and complete investigation.”

Vince Finaldi, however, has a much more appropriate reaction than that of the local diocese:

“That person has no business being in a parish and head of a school where there are numerous young children walking around everyday.”

Unfortunately, Mr. Finaldi, if all of these pedophiles and other assorted perverts were to be dismissed as they should be, there would be very few priests left in the Catholic Church worldwide, and there’s no way the Church would allow for that. Likely, McGovern will just be shuttled away to a different parish after the media storm dies down, free to sexually harass another day.

Watch a news report on the developing situation, via local station Fox 40:


Featured image via video screen capture