Paul Ryan Gives The MOST DISAPPOINTING Response To Trump’s 2nd Amendment Comment (VIDEO)

Tuesday night was big for Speaker of The House Paul Ryan, who had a primary night victory. Of course, he couldn’t celebrate or enjoy it because he was busy doing damage control on Trump’s latest horrific controversy — the Republican nominee had actually called for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton to be assassinated earlier that day.

At a press conference, Ryan was directly asked about what Trump had said regarding “Second Amendment people” stopping the former Secretary of State from appointing liberal Supreme Court Justices and taking away their guns if she got elected. Ryan’s response to Trump’s inflammatory remarks was an epic fail on the GOP’s part to maintain even the smallest bit of dignity and respect as Trump continues to ravage their party on a daily basis.

First, Ryan insisted that he had no clue what Trump had said because he’d apparently been too busy to hear about what had been dominating the news all day. And Ryan’s reaction got even more disappointing as it went on. With his voice full of irritation, Ryan passed off Trump’s suggestion that his followers shoot Clinton as a “joke gone bad!” Ryan said:

“It sounds like just a joke gone bad. I hope he clears it up very quickly. You shouldn’t joke about something like that.”

And to top it off, Ryan once again turned down an opportunity to grow a spine and stand up to Trump and his dangerous, divisive campaign. Instead of condemning Trump for his comments as many top officials are doing, Ryan insisted that a President Trump would bring “better receptivity of our agenda” than Clinton. Seriously, all Ryan cares about is furthering his bigot GOP values — even if it destroys America.

You can watch Ryan bring to life the very definition of a coward in the clip below:

Featured image via Darren Hauck / Getty Images