Anti-Gay Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore To Stand Trial For Defying Supreme Court

There are consequences for defying a Supreme Court ruling, and Roy Moore is about to find that out the hard way.

When the Supreme Court ruled in June 2015 that same-sex marriage is legal, Alabama conservatives lost their sh*t over it, especially Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore.

Moore issued an order to all probate judges in the state to deny marriage certificates and ceremonies to same-sex couples and repeatedly insisted that rulings made by federal courts don’t trump the state constitution.

Moore’s actions drew comparisons to former Alabama governor George Wallace, who infamously refused to obey desegregation orders handed down from the U.S. Supreme Court in Brown v. Board of Education. Wallace literally blocked a doorway into the University of Alabama to prevent African-American students from enrolling. It took the U.S. Deputy Attorney General and federal marshals, plus President Kennedy’s threat to send in the U.S. Army’s 2nd Infantry Division, to force Wallace to step aside. Now, Roy Moore is trying to block same-sex couples from entering courthouse doorways.

And for defying the highest court in the land, Moore has not only been booted off the bench via suspension for ethics violations, he’s about to stand trial.

On Monday, the Alabama Court of the Judiciary rejected Moore’s effort to get the charges against him dismissed and ordered him to stand trial in September.

And like many crazy conservatives, Moore lashed out by accusing the Southern Poverty Law Center of being the power behind the charges made by the Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission.

“They’re the ones who hired the prosecutor, they’re the ones that brought the case for the second time,” Moore claimed. “They don’t want anybody opposing the agenda of the homosexual movement. That’s what they don’t want.”

Of course, the SPLC is actually not involved so Moore is clearly trying to blame everyone except himself. He’s the one who failed as a judge for not carrying out the ruling of a higher court. He’s the one who tried to impose his own extreme religious beliefs onto the people of Alabama instead of obeying the United States Constitution, which gives the Supreme Court the final say on what is constitutional or not.

SPLC president Richard Chen easily smacked Moore down in a statement.

“We’ve said it many times, he acts as if he is the Ayatollah of Alabama. Instead he is an elected state judge required to follow the oath of his office, which makes federal law supreme, whether he likes it or not. It is unseemly and it is dishonest. Alabama is a great state and deserves better than a chief justice who thinks he is the law unto himself.”

Roy Moore should be ashamed of himself and the people of Alabama should be ashamed that they ever elected such a lunatic to head their state’s highest court. This man should never have been allowed to be a judge and he should be removed for denying gay people the same full rights and privileges that straight Americans enjoy even after the Supreme Court made their landmark ruling.

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