ANOTHER GOP Rep Won’t Support Trump: ‘I Don’t See How I Get There Anymore’ (VIDEO)

Due to Donald Trump’s continued unhinged and unacceptable behavior, panicked Republicans are running away from their own presidential nominee in droves. Now, yet another sitting GOP congressman has come out saying that he cannot see how he could support Trump.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill) came out on Wednesday with a laundry list of reasons that he cannot vote for Donald Trump. Kinzinger said:

“I’ve said my intention is to get there. I want to get there, I’m not there yet. I don’t see how I get there anymore.”

Kinzinger attended Trump’s coronation party reluctantly, with one hope: that he could get behind Trump. That didn’t happen, though. In fact, Trump only worsened Kinzinger’s opinion of him. He continued:

“You know, party unity, and all that. Woke up Wednesday morning, saw his comments about Article V, NATO, decided to hold off.”

Kinzinger himself is a veteran of the very war that Captain Humayun Khan was killed in, and Trump’s week-long public feud with those Gold Star parents seems to be what finally pushed him into the #NeverTrump camp. He says:

“Then this spat, this unbelievable spat with the family of a fallen soldier, a fallen soldier who swore to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, wouldn’t even initially say we honor the family for their service. Immediately took it as what it was to him, an affront to him.”

Then, Rep. Kinzinger said what we’ve all been thinking that Trump seems to be “beginning to cross a lot of red lines in the unforgivable on politics.”

While he does not plan to support Hillary Clinton because he disagrees with her on “probably almost all things,” he will not be supporting Donald Trump either. Kinzinger went on to pivot to Trump’s shocking and disturbing flirtation with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin:

“For instance, even yesterday doubling down on saying how great it would be to have a fantastic relationship with Putin.

Our party, you know, me and other people in the party have said for the last six months how awful it was that Hillary Clinton did this reset with the Russians, and how we were taken advantage of. Now, you have Vladimir Putin basically pulling out the old KGB playbook on how to manipulate Donald Trump, and it appears he’s fallen right into it.”

Of course I don’t agree that Hillary did anything to endanger the country with regards to Russia and Putin, but Trump certainly would (and has). There’s really no comparison between Hillary and Trump there. That being said, though, this man is doing the right thing. Regardless of political differences, he and I agree on one thing: Donald Trump should not be president. Kinzinger also says the one thing that his GOP comrades would do well to listen to with regards to this election:

“I’m an American before I’m a Republican.”

Watch video of some of Kinzinger’s comments below:

Featured image via video screen capture