Five Cops Handcuff Dr. Dre At His Home Because A Racist White Guy Claimed He Had A Gun (VIDEO)

If Dr. Dre were a white guy the police would have treated him totally differently.

But because the legendary rapper is black and some white asshole looking for revenge claimed Dre brandished a gun during a confrontation, police officers swarmed the outside of his own home, slapped handcuffs on him and detained him in a police car.

A white motorist was parked in front of Dr. Dre’s home in Malibu on Monday when the musician returned. The driver was blocking Dr. Dre’s driveway so he asked him to move his vehicle so he could pull in. Rolling Stone reports that the driver complied but yelled at Dr. Dre and hurled curse words at him as he drove off. Rather than move on, the angry white driver returned to the same spot to block the driveway again. Dr. Dre took out his cell phone and began recording the incident. The motorist reportedly said “Here we go again. Another black guy with a gun” and called police claiming that a black man pulled a gun on him.

In response, several police officers showed up to harass the unarmed rapper.

“Due to the nature of the call, the person was searched, handcuffed, and briefly detained in a patrol car while deputies investigated the incident,” Sheriff’s Captain Chris Reed said.

Here’s video of Dr. Dre being handcuffed via YouTube.

Despite not finding a gun, the accuser insisted on making a citizen’s arrest and filled out a report.

Again, look at all the white cops surrounding Dr. Dre, a man who simply wanted to pull his vehicle into his driveway and not be harassed by an angry white guy.

Dr. Dre should not only sue the guy for everything he owns, he should sue the police for not arresting the racist who lied to police about him supposedly having a gun.

If Dr. Dre were a white guy, the white driver never would have accused him of having a gun and the police certainly would have treated the situation differently. There was absolutely no reason to handcuff Dr. Dre. He was complying. He did nothing wrong. But they chose to humiliate him anyway by treating him like the bad guy instead of questioning whether the white accuser was full of shit. Last time I checked, using a cell phone is NOT a crime. Filing a false report, however, definitely is.

Featured image via screen capture