Violent Sheriff Who Threatened Federal Prosecutor Wants Gun Back Because He’s Scared (VIDEO)

After two very high profile mass shootings of police, which followed two very high profile shootings of black men by police, Lafayette, Louisiana Sheriff Louis Ackal is scared and despite being under federal indictment, he wants his guns back.

Ackal is not a good guy, at least if you believe the indictments against him. He and his second in command, Lt. Col. Gerald Savoy, are accused of orchestrating the beatings of five pre-trial inmates in areas where video cameras couldn’t catch them.

Prosecutors allege Ackal directed deputies to assault the inmates — three in connection with a lewd comment to a deputy, one for writing letters complaining about jail conditions and a fifth for no stated reason — and was present in the chapel for at least one of the beatings.

Source: The Advocate

Eight inmates have died in the jail. One, the death of Victor White III is under federal investigation, and Reverend Victor White Sr., the father of the victim, says all evidence points to the fact that his son was beaten to death. Ackal was asked to step down, and his response was “it’ll be a cold day in hell when I resign.”

Here’s a video:

Even beyond those accusations, Ackal is accused of antisemitic attacks against a federal prosecutor, calling him “Jew bastard,” and saying he’s shoot the prosecutor between his “Jewish eyes.”

According to a transcript of portions of the recording filed into the court record, Ackal made reference to “this sorry son-of-a-bitch Jew bastard in Washington, saying he is going to send me to a federal pen.”

Ackal also talks about how prosecutors discussed a possible deal with the sheriff.

“You know about these people. You can give them to us,” Ackal said, recalling what federal prosecutors told him. “I said the only thing I’m gonna give you — f*****g shoot you right between your g*******d Jewish-eyes-look-like-opossum bastard.”No one is denying he made the threat.

Source: The Advocate

In fact, his only defense was that his words were said in a “fit of anger,” as if no one has ever done anything violent in a “fit of anger.” Because of his fit of anger, and the alleged beatings of the inmates, Ackal’s guns were taken away and now he says he’s a “sitting duck.”

In a court document filed this week, an attorney for the sheriff also claimed there was a threat made recently against a deputy. Though the threat against the deputy was not carried out, “the atmosphere in this country, especially in south Louisiana, makes this a very realistic possibility,” attorney John McLindon wrote.

“In view of what’s happening across the country, … I think it’s wrong that I, as a police officer, am told that I can’t carry a gun even though I’ve not been convicted of anything,” Ackal said Tuesday.

It’s absurd, but so very American, that this powder keg of a sheriff thinks he’s entitled to his guns, despite what he’s said and has allegedly done. It’s doubtful that civilians, especially those of color, would ever get their guns back under similar circumstances, but this bigoted sheriff expects that his badge will give him special privileges, which is really a metaphor for our militarized police force.

If Ackal is really in danger, which is possible given the accusations against him, a judge should put him in protective custody, either that, or give him back his guns and put the rest of the country in protective custody.

Featured image via KLFY video screen capture.