Bill O’Reilly Says Our Economy Will IMPLODE If We Don’t Keep Pushing Poverty

When Bill O’Reilly calls himself a journalist, he shows he has no idea what that word actually means because he seems to be wholly unable to fact-check anything. On The O’Reilly Factor Wednesday night, he went after Democrats and the economy the same way Republicans love to, by attacking the idea of helping low-wage workers as something that will destroy absolutely everyone.

Basically, he believes that if we want people to live comfortably on only 40 hours of work per week, we’ll have to raise wages so high that we’ll cause the U.S. economy to collapse. In fact, he seems to think that reducing poverty by raising the minimum wage is a radical left-wing, fringe idea that will ruin our economy if we actually go ahead and implement it.

In short, he says it’s a horrible idea because he has no idea how our economy works.

The funny thing is that he used to trumpet a higher minimum wage – at least, he used to support a $10/hr minimum wage. However, he’s also claimed that raising the minimum wage will only help a tiny fraction of the population, because reasons. Why hurt everyone to only help a very few people who don’t deserve it anyway, right?

He’s also accused the government of at least being a major contributor to the problem, if not the whole source of the problem. “Big government doesn’t work,” he says, while literally millions of Americans are the victims of corporate greed. No, earning power has not improved much under President Obama, but there are two problems that Billo the Clown is overlooking: First is an obstructionist Congress, and second is just how limited the president’s power actually is when it comes to the economy. If Congress won’t do what he wants, even on economic measures, then he’s stuck except for where federal contractors are concerned.

There’s a reason Bill O’Reilly has earned the nickname “Billo the Clown,” and it’s because of utter bull cookies like this. He fancies himself a journalist. The facts are not on his side.

Featured image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for The Rumble 2012