White Gun Nut Shows Up Armed At Memorial for Black Man Killed By Police

A gun-toting white conservative male showed up at a memorial for Alton Sterling, the black Louisiana man who was shot and killed by a pair of police officers.

One of the demonstrators at the Triple S Food Mart in Baton Rouge said she believed the man appeared with a firearm strapped to his side in order to “provoke” the crowd.

21-year-old Jake David provoked an angry response from those assembled at the scene of Sterling’s death. One told him “Get out of here, crazy white boy!”

He spoke to the Huffington Post about why he was on the scene:

Approached by HuffPost, David said he came to the demonstration to practice his Second Amendment rights, offer protection and show the community “white people are not crazy.”

“It’s hard to help when you have people complain about their rights being taken and at the same time they’re trying to take yours,” David said. “I understand it, but it’s not my protest, it’s theirs.”

Echoing many gun-obsessed conservatives, David explained why he carried a gun:

“I carry it everywhere. If there’s not a sign on the door, it’s not a school, a church or government building, it’s on my hip. It’s not just for my own protection, I don’t want to see anybody get hurt.”

In fact, many statistics indicate that a gun owner like David is far more likely to hurt himself or a member of his family rather than be the star of an action movie come to life. The police officers who were slain in Dallas, Texas, were trained in firearms far more than the average civilian and yet were at the mercy of a single gunman.

Alton Sterling was killed after the cops confronted him while he sold CDs on the sidewalk. The body cameras on both officers conveniently failed to record the incident, but observers with cell phone cameras caught the shots fired.

Featured image via screen capture