Nazi Demonstration Turns Violent, Multiple Counter-Protesters Stabbed (VIDEO)

Violence broke out during a white supremacist rally in Sacramento, California on Saturday. According to KCRA, at least six people were stabbed. The victims were transported to area hospitals, some with critical injuries.

The rally was orchestrated by the Traditionalist Workers Party, a neo-nazi group, which staged the protests outside the state capitol building. Other white supremacist groups may have joined the demonstration as well.

Anti-racism activists organized a counter-protest in response to the group’s demonstration. Counter-protesters began arriving at the state capitol long before the 12 pm demonstration was scheduled to take place.

Frances Wang of ABC 10 in Sacramento, who was live at the scene, posted updates on Twitter.


As white supremacist groups began arriving on the scene, chaos apparently broke out.

Multiple fights broke out between nazi demonstrators and counter-protesters. Wang captured video of some of the initial violence. Watch below, courtesy of ABC 10.

A short time later reports of mass casualties began to emerge. Multiple stabbing victims were treated at the scene, before being taken away by ambulance.

So far police have made no arrests, nor have they provided specific details regarding the stabbing victims.

Many of the counter-protesters were dressed in all black. A photo showing one of the stabbing victims, posted to Twitter by Bradley Allen, suggests that the victims are counter-protesters, rather than members of the white supremacist group.

Image credit via Bradley Allen on Twitter

Image credit via Bradley Allen on Twitter

ABC 10 reports that the protest was cancelled following the violent attack.

Counter-demonstrators remained outside the capitol building. In spite of the violence, anti-fascist groups declared victory for having shut down the Nazi demonstration.

Image credit via Bradley Allen on Twitter

Image credit via Bradley Allen on Twitter

While it’s not currently known how many nazi protesters actually attended the rally, Twitter user Lord Of The Game posted a photo of two white supremacists leaving with injuries as well.

Image credit Lord Of The Game via Twitter

Image credit Lord Of The Game via Twitter

Here’s more from Dark Horse News, via YouTube.

Counter-protesters continue to Tweet updates to the hashtag #NoNazisInSac.

Image credit: video screen capture via Dark Horse News on Twitter