Michelle Obama And Her Daughters Are Visiting Africa – And Racists Are Having A Field Day (SCREENSHOTS)

“Go back to Africa” is a phrase one would expect to hear someone tell an African-American at a Trump rally, but it’s also something one can expect to hear pretty much anytime the Obama family is referenced. On Sunday, USA Today reported that the First Lady and her daughters are on their way to Liberia and Morocco as part of the Let Girls Learn initiative, a program the President and Michelle started last year to educate the more than 62 million girls worldwide who don’t attend school.

While there, Michelle Obama plans to meet with President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia, the first female elected head of state on the continent of Africa, as well as speak to local teenage girls. This is very important, as nearly two-thirds of Liberia’s school-aged children do not attend class. In Morocco, 85% of girls are enrolled in primary schools but that number drops as low as 14% by high school.

This is, of course, a very important problem and an admirable initiative — so, naturally, conservatives have a problem with it. The comment section of USA Today quickly flooded with racist remarks, with conservatives demanding that the Obamas stay there – with many gleefully declaring that they are going “home” and demanding that they take other black people with them. And, of course, the “not-racists” seized upon the opportunity to call them monkeys:

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It’s not just USA Today; Everywhere we have looked at this story, the comment section is the same. Take news station WKYC, for example:

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It’s almost like the Obama family can’t do anything without being subjected to racist hatred.¬†When Malia Obama graduated high school, conservatives everywhere congratulated her by calling her a n*gger and other unsavory terms. When she got into Harvard, the racist hatred was so horrific that Fox News was forced to close down the comment section. When Sasha Obama turned 15, she was subjected to a barrage of bigotry. They even periodically dredge up old sources of their outrage to relive their opportunity to bash the Obama children.

It’s important to remember that each and every one of these racist dickbags will be voting in November. Make sure you’re there and voting BLUE to counter that.

Featured image via Getty Images (Pool)/screengrab