WATCH: CNN Smacks Down Rudy Giuliani So Hard He Starts Blaming President Obama For Shootings

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani had his ass handed to him so badly that he resorted to spouting Trump talking points to distract from the whipping he just received.

During an appearance on CNN on Tuesday, host Chris Cuomo slammed Giuliani for refusing to say the word “gay” in reference to the Orlando mass shooting that occurred over the weekend, thus following other Republicans like Mitch McConnell and Florida Governor Rick Scott who would rather pretend there is no such thing as gay people.

Giuliani claimed not saying the word is okay because President Obama won’t say “radical Islamic terrorism.” But Cuomo had the perfect response to that bullshit by asking Giuliani how he would feel if people referred to mob violence as radical Italian terrorism.

“Calling this gay and not using that word and not running away from it because of some sense of identity politics is wrong and you agree with that,” Cuomo began.

“Saying ‘radical Islamic terror’ … you used an analogy, let me reverse it on you. If every time the mafia made a killing or a murder, they said ‘well, those Italians, well there’s something about ’em, and the mob. There’s something about the Giuliani and the Cuomo.’ How would you have felt? You would have been disgusted. It’s one of the things that motivated you as a prosecutor to distinguish the mafia from the rest of the Italians. That is the same point, is it not? That you can’t talk about all of Islam you talk about these perversions.”

Of course, Giuliani claimed that they weren’t the same thing but Cuomo quickly countered, “But if you said ‘radical Italian murders…’”

“They call themselves the Islamic State,” Giuliani said, which gave Cuomo the opening he needed to smack down the right-wing mayor for making ISIS happy.

“They do because they want the credit of owning the religion,” Cuomo informed Giuliani. “They want that. Why would you give them what they want?”

Rather than admit that he’s helping ISIS in their crusade to own Islam, Giuliani quickly changed the subject to blaming President Obama for the attacks in Orlando and San Bernardino and repeating Trump’s suggestion that President Obama is in league with the terrorists.

Cuomo didn’t buy the bullshit Giuliani was trying to sell.

“I think there’s some politics being played with this. With Donald Trump coming out and seeming to suggest that President Obama has some sympathy, some compromise personally that doesn’t keep him from being tough. With all the troops, with taking out OBL (Osama Bin Laden), I mean, it just doesn’t seem like the right kind of rhetoric. I don’t think if you were running you would ever suggest anything like that about a Commander in Chief.”

But Giuliani just continued to blame President Obama and claimed he is weak on terror, conveniently forgetting that the 9/11 attacks occurred on his own watch as NYC mayor in 2001. President Bush was also in charge on that day, yet Giuliani somehow believes that Bush was strong against terrorism despite the fact that 3,000 Americans died that day in attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon that are far worse than any terrorist that has occurred before or since.

Here’s the video via YouTube:

In addition, President Obama stated recently that the FBI has been tracking ISIS sympathizers but are unable to keep them from buying guns like Omar Mateen did because Republicans refuse to ban people on the terrorist watch list from purchasing firearms. If Republicans had done that when President Obama asked a long time ago this shooting could have been prevented because the FBI would have been able to make sure that every time Mateen walked into a gun shop, he would be flagged as a possible threat and would have been denied the assault rifle he used in the massacre. Someone should ask Giuliani why his party wants terrorists to have guns so much.

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