Two Dozen Cops Across Five California Precincts Had Sex With Teenager (VIDEO)

A disturbing sex scandal that rocked the Oakland, California police department has now expanded to several other East Bay Area districts.

The allegations now involve nearly two dozen CA police officers, all accused of having sex with a teenager they nicknamed “Juve,” short for Juvenile.

The scandal broke after text messages between the girl and Oakland county police officers were discovered by a federal monitor who was assigned to oversee the police department.

During an interview with KPIX, the teen, who is now an adult, told reporters that at least two dozen officers slept with her.

In return for sex with the police she says she was given confidential police information, including tips on scheduled anti-prostitution stings. She also says she received extra police protection when she was working the streets as a prostitute.

An unidentified officer in his 80s is reported to have paid $250 to have sex with the girl.

On June 9, Oakland Police Chief Sean Whent was relieved of his position, due to his own involvement in the scandal. While it was Whent’s job to investigate the allegations, according to the young woman at the center of the investigation, he was one of the officers involved in it.

San Francisco CBS affiliate reports that:

Whent’s removal from the top brass position comes amid an internal affairs investigation and a criminal investigation focused on several Oakland police officers who allegedly had sex with an underage girl.

This story is disturbing on so many levels. As law enforcement officers these cops were responsible to protect this teen from sex traffickers. Instead they participated in the crime.

The one positive note about this story is that the young woman at the center of the investigation seems to have no desire to protect the officers that didn’t protect her.

Watch the KPIX interview with the young woman below.

Featured image via video screen capture KPIX