Donald Trump Takes Credit For Being ‘Right’ About Terrorism After Orlando Shooting

As if there wasn’t enough reasons to hate Donald Trump, his response to the Orlando shooting that claimed 50 lives and possibly more will make your blood boil.

Even as bodies are still being counted and families await to hear the fate of their loved ones, Trump decided to take the opportunity to prove that he was “right” about terrorism and that he “appreciates” people “congratulating” him on being right in a tweet just sent out:

When Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren told him to delete his account, they were right. Any person who uses any platform to praise themselves after a tragedy should never be allowed to hold any office, let alone the presidency.

Does the country need any more proof that Donald Trump is temperamentally unfit for the job? Perhaps the blowhard should stop hiding behind his phone and actually come out with a comprehensive policy idea – oh wait, he boasts that he doesn’t have or need policy ideas. He’ll just wing it and see what happens.

But he has a comprehensive plan for guns, apparently. After his circus endorsement from the NRA, Trump laid out every right-wing talking point veiled as policy, which includes the lie that Hillary Clinton will take everyone’s guns (the same argument that will be on full blast following this tragedy).

It should come as no shock Trump used this tragedy to congratulate himself. Republicans are reeling from his racist ranting, let’s see if they step up to the plate to denounce this politicized, sensationalist egotistical crap.

Can Twitter finally deactivate this idiot’s account once and for all?

Featured image via Christopher Furlong/Getty Images