Conservatives Desperately Turn To Social Media To Blame Refugees For Orlando Shooting (TWEETS)

Early Sunday morning, Omar Mateen walked into a gay nightclub in Orlando and proceeded to murder 50 people, and wound over 50 more. He was allegedly set off by seeing two men kissing, and decided that was reason enough to commit the worst domestic terror attack since 9/11. Conservatives all over the place have been quick to jump on this, not as a failure of Islamophobia and their “more guns everywhere” mantra, but as a failure of policies that allow Middle Eastern immigrants and refugees here.

Let’s be clear: Mateen was not a refugee. He was a 29-year old U.S. citizen from New York who obtained his guns legally. His parents were Afghan refugees, though, who would have come to the U.S. under conservative icon St. Reagan. Mateen came to ISIS as a U.S. citizen living legally in the U.S., which is one way ISIS operates.

But conservatives don’t care about facts. “We must find a way to make sure nobody blames anything we’ve said and done for this!” they cry. Middle Eastern refugees make a convenient scapegoat, so that’s what they’re doing.

Take a look at what they’re saying on social media. TONS of conservatives—many of whom are Trump drones—are blaming refugees for this whether they think Mateen was a refugee himself or not. Get a bucket and some aspirin handy. This will make your hair hurt if it doesn’t make you puke first.

Of course, we can always count on Donald Trump to congratulate himself and his formidable psychic powers after a tragedy like this:

It didn’t stop with Twitter. Search “Omar Mateen refugee” on Facebook and you’ll see post, after post, after post like the ones that follow.

However, below is a tweet that actually makes sense. Mateen’s “values” are in line with our right-wing Christian values. It’s a good bet that we have squillions of right-wing Christians condemning his “values” though, while preaching the exact same hate and bigotry against the LGBT community. They are hypocrites of the worst kind.

Xenophobia and Islamophobia are infecting our country, and it’s stopping people from being able to think reasonably about this, and about how conservative ideology contributed to this. One publication, called Now The End Begins, has this headline on their top story:

“Ramadan Massacre In Orlando Proves Donald Trump Was Right On Muslim Immigration Ban”

An immigration ban would have stopped this? Please. Mateen was already here. However, the editor of that story showed himself to be a Trump drone, saying at the top of the story:

“The early morning Islamic terror attack in Orlando is now being called the worst mass shooting in United States history, with the death toll now at 50 and rising. Donald Trump said this would happen and has called repeatedly for a complete ban on all Muslim immigration. I say it’s also time to start closing down the mosques as well.”

And do what with all those displaced Muslims? ISIS will have a field day recruiting them after that.

Pamela Gellar, who can always be counted on to have one of the worst responses to any tragedy like this, wrote her own post in which she said:

“He was born to Afghan parents. More of the poison fruit of Muslim immigration.”

Yes, by all means, find any justification possible to deflect blame from all the directions it will come, because that’s what conservatives do. These people are the reason ISIS can recruit within the U.S. Their ranting, raving and railing is what will make it worse.

Featured image by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images