Let’s Compare President Obama’s Memorial Day Statement To Donald Trump’s

The mere thought that Donald Trump could succeed President Obama is mindboggling. If you need any visual representation to figure this out, look no closer than the two’s personal twitter statements honoring Memorial Day.

First we have the Commander in Chief’s:

And now Donald Trump’s wonderful tribute:

So one honors America’s fallen and the other decides to use it as a campaign pitch that eerily resembles Hitler’s slogan. How fitting for a Memorial Day tribute. While President Obama lays the wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Trump decides to spend his day railing against Hispanic immigrants, complaining about Bernie Sanders’ rally sizes, and of course pledged to build the wall.

So instead of actually honoring those who have fallen, Trump continued to bloat his ego and echo his stupid campaign slogans to a group of angry bikers.

But the best Tweet Donald Trump ever sent out on Memorial Day is from last year when he decided to use the day to attack those who don’t support him:

So there’s that. President Obama, the Democrat, honors those who gave their lives for us while Trump, the Republican, insults his “haters” and those he perceives to be losers.

The difference is night and day. The fact Republicans really think their people care about veterans is laughable especially now that Trump is their nominee.

Should Trump win the presidential election, veterans and service members alike will be missing President Obama something fierce.

Featured image via Pool/Getty Images