WATCH: Unfortunate Bug Lands In Trump’s Hair During Rally, Can’t Seem To Escape

In what could be seen as an omen of sorts, a fly just landed on Donald Trump’s head, but had no idea what it was in for.

It’s true that flies are attracted to poop, so for the fly to land on Trump, a man that spews utter bullshit daily, it really should come as no surprise to anyone that a fly would land directly on top of his head. Unfortunately for the fly, though, he seemed to get tangled into what can only be called a nest of sorts that lays directly on top of Trump’s head.

You can actually watch the bewildered bug land, crawl up on top of his hair, because apparently that’s possible with the amount of hairspray used, but then fall in and under, and your heart breaks when you know that may be it for the little fella.

Of course, many are making the comparison of this fly to the moment when the bird landed on Bernie Sanders’ podium in Portland, Oregon. Clearly showing what sort of creatures are attracted to either candidate — a bird of hope and a fly attracted to bullshit.

Watch the Lord of the Flies and his new little friend here:

Featured image via video screen capture