Senate Dems To Introduce Constitutional Amendment Overturning Citizens United

As the presidential race heats up and the coffers start to pour in for a general election, Senate Democrats are preparing to introduce a package of reforms aimed at curbing (once and for all) the influence of big money in politics. This is a liberal’s dream come true.

Spearheading the reforms is Senator Chuck Schumer of New York — who is poised to become Majority Leader should the Democrats take back the Senate. Closely involved with Schumer are Sens. Tom Udall, Sheldon Whitehouse, Claire McCaskill and Tammy Baldwin.

Included in the package is a Constitutional amendment that would overturn Citizens United and other Supreme Court decisions that have allowed dark money to be injected into the political process.

The Disclose Act would be included, which would require outside, anonymous groups that spend money on political campaigns to make the identities of their donors public. No more dark money, no more twice removed parties, no more secrets in campaign finance.

A new program in the package would replace the watered down, virtually powerless FEC with a five member independent agency that would tasked with enforcing rules an regulations in a fair and open manner.

When it comes to fixing America’s broken election system, Democrats will include in the package the FAIR Act, which would effectively end partisan gerrymandering by requiring the states to establish independent commissions to draw district lines, and not lawmakers who hold majorities.

Senator Claire McCaskill has apparently bee working on a reform to increase voter turnout and participation, which could mean a provision establishing automatic voter registration.

According to MSNBC:

There are other efforts to address voting rights on Capitol Hill. A group of Democratic lawmakers earlier this week announced the formation of the Voting Rights Caucus, which has 50 members, all Democrats. They said they’ll introduce legislation next month that would ban voter ID laws that force voters to pay an associated cost, for instance by requiring them to obtain a birth certificate to get ID.

A new constitutional amendment, a new agency to replace the FEC, automatic voter registration and an end to gerrymandering. This is a package every American should support. Considering the overwhelming majority of Americans (including Republicans) support getting money out of politics, oppose dark money contributions, and support fair elections, the GOP has no leverage to oppose any of these measures.

But they will. Such a package would surely fail a Republican controlled Senate and House. But this is an election year, and a year where Democrats could make great strides. If Democrats show up at the polls in droves, we could finally have an America free of big money in politics.

If Democrats are serious about political revolution, they will need to come together to have a blue White House, Congress, Supreme Court and state legislature.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images