This Attack Ad Accidentally Reveals What’s Really Behind The Bathroom Laws

If you’ve ever wondered why suddenly, now, Christian conservatives are making a huge stink over where people go to the bathroom, grab a match and take a look at this attack ad in Texas.

On its face, it looks like a pretty standard below the belt political attack ad. It might make a candidate an asshole and a bigot to spread unfounded rumors that your opponent is gay, but on the next page is where the real insight into the Republican party is:

The transgender bathroom laws that are popping up across the country are not specifically about transgender people. Once the Supreme Court ruled that marriage equality was the law of the land, anti-gay bigots had to take their fight elsewhere. Besides, gay marriage might not be so bad if you don’t actually have to see people *gasp* holding hands or *I feel faint* kissing. What’s a better way to keep people out of the public than to ban them from using public restrooms?

If you think this is a bit of a stretch, think about the bathroom laws themselves. Imagine a very masculine looking man, who happened to have been born with a vagina. Do women, who already see predators around every corner, really want to share a bathroom with him? Should a woman, feminine in every way except for what’s between her legs, be forced to use the men’s room? Of course not. Anti-LGBT conservatives don’t want them to use the bathroom at all, just like Briscoe Cain’s opponent doesn’t want him in bathrooms.

Yes, this is just one person, but this guy (unfortunately, not a Republican) feels that gay people should have their own bathrooms. You know, separate, but equal.

Here are a few more charmers:

You hate fighting off unwanted advances? Try being a woman.

Apparently, beaches should also be off limits to gay people:

Ironically, Cain is a Tea Party candidate and he’s about as anti-gay as his opponent, Rep. Wayne Smith, 72. Cain is married to a woman. I suppose in most people’s eyes, that makes it safe for him to pee.

Featured image via Briscoe Cain Facebook page.