Think Trump Wants To Keep Your Job At Home? Think Again — He’s Been Profiting Off Your Loss

One of the cornerstones of Donald Trump’s campaign for president has been that he’s going to keep jobs here at home. He’s made it one of the key talking points at his many, many rallies. However, it doesn’t seem like he really gives a rat’s ass about preventing outsourcing when it comes to his own wallet.

Back in March, Trump said:

“Our companies are leaving our country rapidly, rapidly… Frankly I’m disgusted with it.”

Although, that really doesn’t seem to be the case considering he’s making a profit off investing in the companies he’s very “disgusted with.”

According to Bloomberg:

“Trump has denounced units of United Technologies Corp., Ford Motor Co. and Mondelez International Inc. on the campaign trail — and has received income of as much as $75,000 from bonds issued by all three since January 2015, according to his latest financial disclosure form released Tuesday. He also has invested in Apple Inc.’s stock and bonds even though in February he called for a boycott of the company for refusing to help the Federal Bureau of Investigation unlock an iPhone used by a terrorist in San Bernardino, California.”

In fact, only last month did Trump call out Ford Motor Co. by name when he said:

“Carrier has to know that if they do that — and I’m not only speaking to them, I’m speaking to Nabisco and Ford and hundreds and hundreds of other companies — they have to know that there are consequences when you want to leave and fire all these people… You’re not just going to go to another country, make your product, sell it across our really weak borders.”

Yeah, Trump hates it so much, just like a dog hates a peanut butter covered bone. Mmmhmmm…

The man is a walking and talking lie machine. His face could literally be next to the word “hypocrite” in the dictionary. Not that any of his supporters have ever opened a dictionary, or for that matter, a book.

Trump is not only bad for the United States, but for the entire world. If he were to actually win the presidency, the rest of the world would look at us as thought we’re crazy. We’re only now getting over the embarrassment of George W. Bush, and Trump is a million times worse. At least Bush had policy experience, Trump doesn’t even have that.

Enough is enough, America. Trump is bad news and only has his own self-interests at heart, and all the proof you need is in the fact that he’s profiting off American loss. He also made a point of saying back in 2006 that he hoped the real estate market tanked so he could buy up all the properties to make a profit.

He only wants to be president for himself, and not to “make America great again,” because guess what, America is already great, and that slogan is just coded language that means “go back to the time before a black man was president.” And don’t say it’s not, because many of his biggest supporters are white supremacists.

If you care at all about the well-being of the many and not just the few — vote blue.

Featured Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images