Being Transgender Could Soon Mean You’re A Sex Offender In Arkansas If GOPer Gets Her Way

Some people like to create solutions to problems that just simply do not exist, and this time around it’s a “solution” to a non-existent problem that insinuates individuals who are transgender are somehow sex abusers or pedophiles and are sneaking into restrooms to harm people. We’re seeing transphobic legislation in North Carolina, and now Arkansas looks to be trying to add to the discriminatory hate.

These legislative actions are nothing but hate, because laws already exist on the books that don’t allow assault or intrusion of privacy. These laws and proposals are just purely anti-transgender bigotry.

That doesn’t seem to be stopping Republican Arkansas State Senator Missy Irvin, who, according to a blog at

“Looks like Sen. Missy Irvin will win the race to the bottom. A reliable source has seen an amendment Irvin has drafted for a minor bill aimed at clearing up a problem in a sexual indecency law (a Supreme Court ruling says the language doesn’t currently apply to guardians of children). Her amendment says anyone who is caught in a bathroom whose gender doesn’t match their birth certificate will be charged as a sex offender.

What the actual fuck?

Not only does she seem to be trying to make transgender individuals criminals, she’s allegedly trying to do so by sneaking it into another law. She apparently doesn’t think trans people deserve the right to pee in peace. And how exactly does Irvin propose enforcing this sort of thing? The bathroom police? Does she intend of having bathroom attendants in every bathroom across the state asking to see birth certificates while simultaneously also asking everyone to drop their pants or lift their skirts? What’s going to determine who gets checked? Short hair? Long hair? Intuition? The whole thing is just absolutely ridiculous.

Aren’t there actual problems that need to be solved? Infrastructure, education, healthcare? This is really getting absurd. Transgender individuals aren’t criminals. They are human beings living their truth and should be lifted up, not torn down.

Featured Photo by Sara D. Davis/Getty Images