Michael Moore Tells Fox News The Only Way He’d Get ‘Behind’ Trump, And It’s Hilarious (VIDEO)

Now that the Republican choice for president is presumably Donald Trump, many are being asked who they’ll support in the general election and if they could actually get behind a Trump presidency. So, when Megyn Kelly had documentary filmmaker Michael Moore on her show, she asked him just that.

Kelly knew that Moore is a Bernie Sanders supporter and it’s looking like Hillary Clinton will be the nominee. There have been some Sanders supporters who say they’ll switch to Trump, because they can’t support Hillary. These are the same people who would seemingly cut off their nose to spite their face. It’s also the epitome of privilege, because these folks clearly have nothing to lose if Trump wins.

Fortunately, Moore is not one of those people. When asked by Kelly, “Let’s say it is Trump-Clinton. A guy who understands the working class, has made some films involving them, from Flint, Michigan. Could you get behind Donald Trump?” Moore sarcastically responds:

“Only to help push him somewhere.”

Then he stops short, and says:

“Wait a minute, he has Secret Service protection now, I shouldn’t say that.”

And Kelly hilariously, and accurately responds:

“You’d be the one getting pushed.”

Moore then says:

“I would push him to a more gentle place away from everybody.”

Clearly, Moore knows that we cannot have Trump as President of the United States. He also makes it clear that Trump is not who he makes himself out to be and is conning his conservative supporters just to get votes. Hopefully, more people follow Moore’s lead and err on the side of making sure Trump never becomes president, instead of taking their ball and going home by declaring a moral victory by voting against Hillary if she is to become the nominee.

Trump is a con artist and a crafty businessman who has built his career by manipulating people into giving him want he wants. Don’t fall for it, America. Please.

Watch Kelly interview Moore here, with the question regarding if he could support Trump beginning at the 4 minute mark:


Featured image via video screen capture