Jon Stewart Makes A Room Full Of U.S. Soldiers Gasp As He Delivers A Dire Warning On Trump (VIDEO)

If you’re someone who looks at the prospect of four (or eight!) years of President Trump with a mixture of depression and terror, imagine what it must be like to be a soldier who may have to serve in the military under him.

Trump will have no problem, say, ordering you to commit war crimes. Or torture. Or to go to war. The possibility of Trump becoming president represents the likelihood that you will be made to do something that will not only dishonor your country, but yourself as well. Needless to say, the prospect makes for some very worried soldiers in the United States military.

As part of a USO tour with President Obama, Jon Stewart stopped by to emcee the Joining Forces 5th Anniversary Event at Joint Base Andrews. Most of his jokes were good-natured, but the former Daily Show host couldn’t help but addressing the very large, very orange elephant in the room.

While speaking about Vice President Joe Biden, who joined Stewart on stage, the comedian noted that many people criticize Biden for “[saying] whatever he thinks of, whatever comes into his mind.” But it reminded him of someone else:

“Who would have thought that now, that gets you the Republican nomination? So, um… (laughter) Don’t worry, Trump’s gonna keep you busy when he’s the Commander-in-Chief. You’re gonna have to paint all the planes with “Trump” in big gold letters. You’re gonna be busy.”

During the extended punchline on Trump, the audience went from laughing, to uncomfortable gasps and groans, to dead silence. It was a good joke, but the nugget of truth at the center of it was deeply unsettling.

Donald Trump has shown absolutely no ability to control himself during his campaign. His half-hearted stabs at being more “presidential” have ended — without fail — within 24 hours. Often these forays into “seriousness” end spectacularly. After the press had lauded Trump for being more mature, he attended a rally in which he floated the idea that Ted Cruz’s father was linked to the JFK assassination. He’s about to have the most powerful military in the history of mankind at his beck and call.

Painting “Trump” in gold on airplanes isn’t the only thing Trump might have these soldiers do. Given his temperament, his thin skin, and his ability to contradict himself endlessly, Trump could wake up one morning and just “decide” to go to war. And to defend his bruised ego, he would be willing to send the very same men and women standing in front of Jon Stewart into battle. Their silence speaks volumes.

They’ll be busy alright.

Watch Jon Stewart give his brutal prediction about Trump below, via Mediaite‘s Tommy Christopher:

Jon Stewart Tells Troops ‘Trump’s Gonna Keep… by DailyPolitics

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