WATCH: These Videos Will Make Trump The Most Toxic Candidate EVER

As John Kasich became the last rival to pull out of his campaign, ceding the Republican presidential nomination to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton welcomed her opponent to the adult table and released a pair of web videos designed to define the candidate and make it so no sane voter could pull the lever for him this fall.

With the release of the new material, Clinton began to answer one of the biggest questions of 2016: How hard and how strong will Democrats go after Trump, and what will the difference be between those ads and ads released by the so-called #NeverTrump groups on the right?

Unlike many of the conservative ads, who claimed Trump was a fake member of their movement, the Clinton videos just attack Trump for his unpopular conservative ideas while also pointing out his historic unpopularity.

In addition to a biting video highlighting conservatives attacking Trump, the web videos showed that Clinton is going nuclear, making Trump’s right wing positions toxic in the general election.

The first video takes Trump at his word, and shows a montage of the reality TV star making promises on the campaign trail. These include unpopular ideas like getting rid of gun free zones at schools, defunding Planned Parenthood, building his silly wall at the U.S. – Mexico border, banning Muslim travel, and pushing waterboarding.

The second video points out just what nominating Trump means for what the Republican Party now stands for. It explains that the party of Lincoln has now, as its leader, chosen a man who mocks the disabled, attacks immigrants, and refuses to condemn a former KKK grand wizard’s endorsement.

The path to victory for Democrats in the fall is going to require that they go after Trump with a hard edge, and avoid the nuance and caution that has too often made the party come up short in presidential campaigns. With this pair of videos, the Clinton campaign seems to be yelling out that they came to play.

Featured image via Twitter