‘The Lord’ Told A Trump-Loving Tow Truck Driver To Leave A Disabled Woman Stranded–So He Did

Shupee¬†Max Towing in Traveler’s Rest, South Carolina apparently has some rules if you’re looking to actually be towed somewhere. At least that’s what Cassy McWade found out when she was in an accident and her family called for a tow. Her regular mechanic wasn’t available, so they called Ken Shupe, who arrived on the scene in about an hour.

McWade, most likely relieved to see the car being cared for and the incident behind her, was stunned when Shupe came around the car, told her he couldn’t help her because of who she supports, got in his truck and drove away. Yes, that just happened. According to WLOS News 13:

“He goes around back and comes back and says ‘I can’t tow you.’ My first instinct was there must be something wrong with the car. And he says, ‘No, you’re a Bernie supporter.’ And I was like wait, really? And he says, ‘Yes ma’am,’ and just walks away.”

This Bernie sign and a message from the lord were all Ken Shupe needed to be an ignorant jerk – screen capture

Shupe claims it was a moment of clarity. He says he thinks the Lord came to him and told him to get in his truck and leave. With his backwards-thinking head held high and his ignorance on his sleeve, this idiot left a disabled woman sitting on the sidewalk. McWade, 25, suffers from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, psoriatic arthritis and early-onset Crohn’s. All of which she said made the waiting by the side of the road with no restroom nearby “terrifying.” McWade Told WLOS:

“I personally don’t believe that you don’t have to agree on anything just to be kind to one another. I was like, what did I do to you? You know, I do believe I try to do right by people. So I was offended, and I don’t know what exactly he thinks I would have done to him directly by being a believer in Bernie.”

Shupe’s claims that it was all about his convictions and a message from God came crashing down when he got to the real reason he doesn’t want to do business with Bernie Supporters:

“I’ve had some horrible experiences in the last six months with towing cars for this mindset individuals, in that I don’t get paid. They want to argue about a $50 tow bill, and it turns into just a drama and a fuss. And I said, you know, I’m not going to associate with them, and I’m not going to do any business with them.

“I’m really not interested in doing business with that clientele,”

In other words, “I believe Bernie supporters are socialist commies who want stuff for free because internet memes tell me so, so my ignorant self just wasted a bunch a gas and made myself look like an imbecile in public.” It would be highly doubtful that anyone could corroborate this guy’s stories about all of his terrible misdealings with Bernie supporters. Should have stuck with God; at least the zealots will give you GoFundMe money.

Watch the report from WLOS below:

Featured image via screen capture