Officials Caught Falsifying Records To Deny Food Stamps To Families With Less Than $100 (VIDEO)

Poverty is a problem in America. While most of us are not filthy rich or anything, we also generally don’t have to worry about not having enough to buy even the basic essentials, including food. This is the horrifying reality for many people, though. That’s why we have programs to combat hunger, such as food stamps. However, some human services workers in New Mexico have been doing something despicable in order to meet deadlines: falsifying documents in order to deny aid to families in need.

Reports indicate that at least five workers in the New Mexico Human Services department confessed to fudging records and saying families had more than $100 in assets, and used that as an excuse to deny them aid for food. Now, anyone living in today’s world knows that $100 is nothing, especially if you have a family with children.

New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty’s Sovereign Hager revealed the following to local station KTRK:

“It makes the state’s numbers appear artificially high, as if they were processing things according to law. When in fact, they aren’t.”

This disgusting processing falsification apparently was a result of the inability of workers to meet a deadline of seven days for expediting emergency food stamp applications. So, in other words, these people let babies go hungry in order to save their own asses at work. While we all know that social services in America is a mess, this is utterly unacceptable.

Hager further revealed to the local station that she and other authorities were unaware of this tactic to skip out on deadlines:

“This is something we’ve never heard before, but according to workers, has been going on for quite some time.”

Really now? I wonder how many people are literally starving because of what these workers did. No matter the reasoning, there is simply no excuse. Hopefully, those responsible face criminal charges, and that becomes a warning to social services workers around the nation.

Watch a video news report on this story below:

Featured image via Pixabay