Man Caught Peeping On Little Boy In Airport Bathroom – But GOP Worries Ladies Might Have A Penis

According to Republicans, it is imperative that we “protect women and children” by instituting measures that punish transgender women for having a penis. Some measures would literally place a bounty on transgender people, financially rewarding anyone who spots a penis in the women’s restroom. Others would impose heavy fines on transgender people simply for going to the correct bathroom. These measures, which combat alleged threats which have absolutely no basis in reality, have been decried nationwide by thinking individuals who realize that Republicans — the very people imposing these harsh and pathetic laws on the rest of us — are a greater danger to women and children than transgender people could ever be.

While Republicans crow about their attempts to save woman and childkind from the evil penises that may or may not be attached to women whose primary goal in a bathroom is to relieve themselves, they ignore certain inconvenient truths — like that children face greater danger from straight men in the men’s restroom. On April 22, a traveler at a Seattle airport noticed something horrifying: a man was snapping pictures of his 8-year-old son in the bathroom.

According to charging papers, the little boy was using the bathroom when North Carolina resident (yes, he’s from the same state that recently shamed the nation by “protecting” children from transgender women with its asinine “bathroom bill”) stood in the neighboring stall and began taking photos over the stall wall. The boy’s father spotted the man performing this disgusting act and rushed to stop him.

“Are you taking pictures of my son?” the man demanded angrily. Joshua Gitlin denied it, but the father saw a photo of his son still on the pervert’s cell phone screen. He grabbed Gitlin’s phone and slammed the stall closed as others called for police assistance. Gitlin was arrested  at the scene. Police confiscated his phone and other electronic devices with which Gitlin was traveling. He was jailed and charged with voyeurism, but was released Saturday on $100,000 bond.

To date, there have been zero instances of transgender people being arrested for bathroom misconduct, but the same can not be said for Republican lawmakers. Unfortunately, transgender people don’t write the laws.

In November, be sure to head to the polls and vote BLUE so we can end this absurdity and begin focusing on real, important issues — like undoing the damage Republicans are inflicting on our nation.

Featured image via Afflictor