When A Journalist Covers Trump, They Get Death Threats From White Supremacists Like This (TWEETS)

Journalist Julia Ioffe did a profile of Donald Trump’s wife, Melania, for GQ magazine. The story was not an attack, but rather did what so much journalism does in an election year – fill in the picture of the contenders and their families.

But unlike past years, candidate Donald Trump has cultivated an extremely anti-Semitic group of supporters, who have taken pages right out of the Nazi playbook in order to attack those they see as the enemy. Unluckily for Ioffe, her story got on their radar, and they aimed a torrent of abuse in her direction, with violent anti-Semitic rhetoric and threats.

On Thursday, Ioffe answered a phone call from an anonymous caller who played a Hitler speech. She received another call from “Overnight Caskets”. On Twitter, users posted photos of her face superimposed on a mug shot from Auschwitz. The Daily Stormer, a white supremacist site, attacked Ioffe in a blogpost titled: “Empress Melania Attacked by Filthy Russian Kike Julia Ioffe in GQ!”

“It’s unsettling,” she said on Thursday night. “I started the day off having a sense of humor about it but by the end of the day, after a few phone calls like this, with people playing Hitler speeches, and the imagery, and people telling me my face would look good on a lampshade, it’s hard to laugh.”

Many of the messages Ioffe received on Twitter were of the same bigoted variety. Some showed the writer, with images of yellow stars saying “Jew” sown on to her chest, echoing the method in which concentration camp prisoners were labeled by the Nazi regime before their mass execution.

While these attacks didn’t come from Donald Trump officially, his campaign has not shied away from its affiliation with hate groups. Trump refused to disavow the support of a former KKK Grand Wizard during a CNN interview, and the candidate himself has reposted the tweets of anti-semites and racists dozens of times since becoming the frontrunner of the Republican Party.

And of course, Trump himself has called Mexicans rapists, called for a ban on Muslim immigration and a national registry of Muslim residents, attacked Black Lives Matter, and encouraged his supporters to beat up protesters at his rallies.

This, and worse, is what happens.

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