Christian Gun Nut Shoots Unarmed Man Dead During Church Service And Gets Away With it (VIDEO)

.During the days of the Old West shooting an an unarmed man violated a code that cowboys lived by and brought shame as well as arrest and prosecution for murder.

But in the conservative version of the Old West we are being forced to live in today, codes and the law mean nothing as long as you’re a Christian gun nut.

During the morning church service on Sunday at Keystone Fellowship Church located within Montgomery County in Pennsylvania a parishioner with a concealed carry permit shot and killed 27-year-old Robert Braxton in the chest during some sort of altercation as members of the congregation ducked for cover after the shots rang out.

“It sounded like three pops, almost like a champagne bottle opening three times,” said congregant Breeana Somers. “Everybody’s trying to make themselves as small as possible. You could hear some screaming and some crying but it was pretty silent. I went under a chair in a fetal position. I tried to make myself as small as possible. It’s really frightening that anything like this could happen here.”

Despite the fact that the gun-toting churchgoer openly murdered an unarmed man for what is sure to be a ridiculous reason, the man has not been arrested or charged, according to Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele.

“There’s no one in custody,” he told NBC 10. “The individual involved in the shooting is cooperating with police at this point.”

Yeah, and he’s the only one who gets to tell the story because the other guy is dead.

Ironically, the Keystone Church had written a Facebook post earlier announcing that an anti-government evangelical pastor would be a guest speaker that day and banned photography and video “for our guest’s safety.” Apparently, church leadership was not concerned about guns or the threat they pose to the safety of their congregation.

Here’s the video via NBC 10.

Again, a man literally shot and killed an unarmed man in the middle of a church service and he gets to walk free. This is sickening.


Featured image via Wikimedia