Trump Fan Drives Jeep Through Crowd Of Protesters (VIDEO)

Saturday afternoon, a group of protesters gathered on the main road leading into Fountain Hills, the location of Donald Trump’s latest hatefest, and set up a “Quarrantine” of the rally. Traffic was backed up for miles as the demonstrators peacefully protested the rally — but many Trump fans were displeased that people chose to act in opposition to their leader’s wishes.

On social media, some fanatical supporters of The Donald called for the protesters to be “tear gassed and shot,” while others had another idea — “run them over.” Some even began inquiring as to the legality of pancaking peaceful demonstrators with one’s car. While it might seem unbelievable that someone would take these insane fringe-nuts up on their suggestion,WKBW reports that one Jeep-driving Trump fan wanted to get to the rally so badly that he “plowed into the protesters” with his vehicle.

Video of the scene shows the unnamed driver pushing his way through the crowd with zero regard for the safety of the human beings in front of his vehicle. The demonstrators can be seen moving out of the way, some obviously panicked, while others attempt to stop their assailant from moving any further.

It might be expected that the police who were present would wish to stop the driver, but they can clearly be seen on the video providing an escort, even shoving around people who are attempting to stop the driver whose appointment with Trump was more important than the safety of the demonstrators.

Fortunately, no one was injured, though this incident makes it clear that the cops were there for one purpose: to protect Donald Trump rather than the people.

In 2014, a vehicle moving at  a similar speed plowed through a crowd of Michael Brown supporters. While it was not moving quickly, one protester’s leg became trapped by the wheel and she was dragged at least 20 feet before she was able to free herself. Like the operator of this Jeep, the driver kept going with zero regard for the assembled crowd.

It is unclear why police chose not to intervene, but it is noteworthy that law enforcement reaction to the protest is managed by anti-Hispanic bigot, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who recently endorsed The Donald. Is it any wonder that his men did not care about the safety of anyone who was not there to worship Trump?

Watch the video below:

Featured image via screengrab