Donald Trump Retweets One Of His Fans, A ‘WhiteGenocide’ Neo-Nazi Account (IMAGES)

Donald Trump woke up this morning, sleepily grabbed his phone off his nightstand, saw one of his supporters had tweeted an anti-Jeb Bush picture at him, and hit “Retweet.”

Unfortunately, that supporter happened to be a racist neo-Nazi with the account name “WhiteGenocideTM.” Seriously.


The love for Trump from racist xenophobes is startling, but not exactly surprising. Trump’s current presidential run quite literally started with a racist screed against Mexicans, and has been sustained by a torrent of anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant smears. His rallies regularly feature his supporters beating people of color who come to protest his ugly rhetoric.

You can almost feel the sense of excitement in the racist, Nazi-loving dark corners of the country: Finally, a candidate for us! And even better – if you happen to be a toxic racist – Trump won’t hesitate to give you free publicity if you just tweet something to stoke his ego.

It would have taken all of two seconds for Trump to realize that the man he was tweeting was a despicable monster. If the “WhiteGenocide” name – based on the racist belief that white people are being systematically edged out of American society by minorities – didn’t give it away, the account’s biographical details should have.


Even worse, just scrolling through the account’s tweets shows a pattern of racist filth. Some of it advocates for the deaths of political figures, particularly those on the left. Last week, for instance, he tweeted a picture of Trump in a Nazi uniform with Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders inside a gas chamber.


As of this writing, and more than an hour after he retweeted this scumbag, Trump still has the tweet up, including a link to “WhiteGenocideTM’s” account, giving him more exposure.

Donald Trump has surged in the Republican polls, with even many of what we consider “mainstream” conservatives applauding his appalling comments. At the root of his support, however, is a thriving neo-Nazi and white supremacy contingent that believe Trump might be the leader they were looking for. Just hinting at racist ideology wasn’t enough for them, they like a guy who will openly admit to it and never apologize.

Certainly Trump will eventually excuse the tweet and, likely, blame a “young intern” for the mistake. We shouldn’t let him get off the hook that easily. This is a pattern of disgraceful behavior that puts real lives at jeopardy. It is extremely telling that the most toxic, violent people in society are cozying up to Trump. Clearly, what he’s saying is right up their alley. Trump may try to excuse his behavior, but his actions – and followers – speak louder than his words ever will.

Featured image via Twitter