Scientific Chart Hilariously Shows How Bad Republicans Are At Grammar Compared To Democrats (IMAGES)

Grammarly, a web-based app company, is one of the world’s leading online grammar checkers. For fun, they decided to do an intensive analysis of the spelling and grammar of each presidential candidate’s followers on their respective Facebook pages.┬áHere’s what they found:

Republican supporters were nearly twice as likely to make mistakes than the supporters of Democratic candidates, overall.

To get a more accurate result, they only judged comments that were more than 15 words long and took account of the positive or neutral feels about each candidate. That is, they didn’t analyze comments if they were negative.

Here’s how Grammarly further explained their analysis, in-depth:

“We then randomly selected at least 180 of these positive and neutral comments (~6,000 words) to analyze for each candidate. Using Grammarly, we identified the errors in the comments, which were then verified and tallied by a team of live proofreaders. For the purposes of this study, we counted only black-and-white mistakes such as misspellings, wrong and missing punctuation, misused or missing words, and subject-verb disagreement. We ignored stylistic variations such as the use of common slang words, serial comma usage, and the use of numerals instead of spelled-out numbers.

Finally, we calculated the average number of mistakes per one hundred words by dividing the total word count of the comments by the total number of mistakes for each candidate.”

Interestingly, even though Democrats as a whole fared much better (okay – they knocked Republicans out of the water), it also shows that NO Republican candidate did better than any of the Democrats running. Not a single one.

Pic via USA Today.

Pic via USA Today.

To be fair, there was more room for error for the Republicans, since they have more candidates running. Even still, if you judge just the leading candidates on the Republican side, i.e. Donald Trump and Marco Rubio, they rank pretty much dead last and have more errors BY FAR. Trump’s supporters take the cake by a landfall. Is this any surprise?

Every Democrat should save these charts and keep it in their back pocket next time they get into a heated argument with a Republican on Facebook. No doubt – Republicans will lash out and cry foul, likely citing bias. If they do, Grammarly will be watching. And, their words will be used against them. You can bet on that.

Featured image via screen capture.