Carl’s Jr. Trivializes Immigration Debate With Racist, Sexist Hamburger Ad (VIDEO)

Immigration reform is a serious, hot button issue in America right now. How it is handled will affect the lives of millions of people, including vulnerable children who had no say in the fact that they were born here, thus making them United States citizens, even though their parents weren’t. You’d think that corporations would show a bit of sensitivity here, right? Well, in the case of Carl’s Jr.– you would be wrong.

The greasy hamburger chain is known for parading half naked women around in its commercials. They seemed to be turning over a new leaf when they hired a new spokeswoman, Ronda Rousey, who is a well known UFC champion. She managed to be a great voice for the brand– using her brains, not her  (admittedly amazing) body. But, that new path didn’t last for long. Carl’s Jr. is back with its ads filled with plenty of tits and ass and little else, and this time, they throw in a side of anti-immigrant racism to go with it.

The new commercial from Carl’s Jr. has scantily clad women playing volleyball. However, the “net” is actually a steel-barred border wall. It’s clear that this is what it is supposed to be, because the women on either side of the volleyball wall are wearing bikini bottoms that say “Tex” for the Texas side of the wall, and “Mex” for the Mexico side. As if that isn’t bad enough, they even have some good old-fashion ass-slapping in there, too:


carls jr tex mex butt slap

Essentially, the folks at Carl’s Jr. are not listening to their consumers. The reason they pulled away from these types of advertisements, dubbed “slutburger” advertisements by the ever- clever people who dwell on the interwebs, is because a consumer poll found that a majority of people watching those commercials described them as “annoying” and “offensive. Well, it looks like they’ve learned nothing, and the “slutburger” ads are here to stay.

It would be nice, though if they would show a bit more sensitivity. Trivializing the fact that so many people live in fear of having their families ripped apart by deportation is not funny, and it is not sexy. It’s insensitive, and some might even say downright shameful. Listen to your customers, Carl’s Jr., and stop this shit. You’re not achieving the effect you desire.

Watch the video below:

Featured image via video screen capture from Uproxx