GOPer Caught On Tape Explaining How She’ll Redistrict Black Democratic Colleague Out Of Office (AUDIO)

For years now, people have been noticing that to win elections, Republicans haven’t just bent the rules, they seem to have abandoned the “democracy” game altogether. Apparently unable to win elections fair-and-square, conservatives have increasingly relied on “redistricting” areas that they would have no chance of winning into more favorable seats. And while the practice should be considered an affront to the very idea of an open democracy, it has apparently become so commonplace for lawmakers that one was just caught on tape dryly explaining how she planned to use the technique to defeat her African-American Democratic colleague.

Rep. Janet Adkins was at a private gathering during a meeting of the Republican Party of Florida. Rather than focus on things like plugging the numerous holes in the Republican sinking ship, Adkins was hatching a plan to steal the election instead. According to tapes secretly recorded and leaked to POLITICO, Adkins wanted to kick long-time liberal congresswoman Corrine Brown out of office by carefully redrawing her district to include as many prisons as possible. Prisoners, you may recall, cannot vote. But first, she made everyone swear that there were no reporters in the room that would rat on her.

“Let me give you inside ball game. Are there any reporters in here?” she said. “Any reporters? OK. So, inside ball game.”

Before saying:

“You draw [Brown’s seat] in such a fashion so perhaps, a majority, or maybe not a majority, but a number of them will live in the prisons, thereby not being able to vote,” said Adkins, a Nassau County Republican, referring to black residents.

Adkins concluded by saying the fact that so many minorities are in prisons where they are listed in the census but aren’t actually allowed to vote is the “perfect storm” to beating a Democrat if the district was redrawn just so.

It’s hard to tell what is most sickening implication of these remarks. The fact that Republicans are gleefully using the voting disenfranchisement of prisoners to manipulate elections, or the fact that they can do so because America’s prison populations are overwhelmingly comprised of minorities that Republicans know wouldn’t vote for them if they could.

Brown is a legend in North Florida. She’s been fighting for liberal causes in Florida’s 5th Congressional District for over two decades. If Adkins is wondering how Brown has had such a long career in politics, consider this contrast. While Adkins was in a dark room plotting to rig an election, Brown was using social media to remind people to register to vote.

And ironically enough, Brown has sometimes found herself on the opposite side of the gerrymandering issue, but for equally gross reasons. For many years, Republicans regarded her as unbeatable; therefore, they redrew her district repeatedly to cram as many Democratic-leaning voters into her district so they wouldn’t have the opportunity to vote out Brown’s Republican colleagues in nearby areas. But after several elections of successfully distracting the media from the very real election rigging that happens with gerrymandering by floating ludicrous “Voter ID” bills and baseless accusations of Democratic voter fraud, they appear to finally believe they can get rid of her as well.

POLITICO caught up with Adkins to ask her about her comments and her defenses ranged from things like “I don’t know anything, leave me alone” to “I was having a private conversation, leave me alone.”

Adkins probably wishes she never said these things out loud, but it’s no secret that Republicans are using as many unscrupulous tactics as possible in order to stay in power. Ever wonder why a Congress with the lowest approval rating in United States history, with a Republican majority, with its lowest approval rating in decades continues to clean up on Election Day? It’s not “will of the people” stuff, it’s brute force. The fact that Republicans are so quick to accuse Democrats of unsubstantiated “voter fraud” is truly something else. But then, the guilty always have the most suspicions, right?

Listen to Adkins’ comments below via POLITICO:

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