Donald Trump’s Dad Was Arrested During KKK Rally That Attacked Two Police Officers

It has been discovered that Donald Trump’s father, Fred Trump, was one of seven men arrested in a brawl with police. The patrolmen were tasked with keeping members of the KKK from exhibiting hate speech during a rally back in June of 1927, as reported on by the New York Times.

Joseph A. Warren, the New York City Police Commissioner at the time, had instructed a large force of over 100 police officers to stop Klansmen from actively wearing robbed gowns and other KKK attire. He was given notice in advance that over 1,000 Klansmen would be in attendance. While he had no issues with the reason for the parade, he did not think that the KKK should be allowed to display openly outward expressions of hate. According to him, the Klan had violated their agreement after first agreeing that would not wear any of their hate inscribed symbols.

Fred Trump, along with the other six men, were represented by the same attorneys and accused of felonious assault, as well as being disorderly, after the patrolmen were knocked down and kicked.

According to the report, the Klan accused the police of exceeding their authority in trying to keep them out of the parade.

While Mr. Trump ended up being discharged, it doesn’t look pretty.

This revelation just raises further issues as to why the immigration issue is so near and dear to Donald Trump’s heart. He lives in New York. He’s about as far away from the Mexican border as you can get, except for, perhaps, Maine.

What’s odd is that “Immigration reform” is the ONLY issue that shows up on his official campaign website. No other position is listed.

Donald Trump’s entire campaign has been in attack mode on illegal immigrants almost from day one. And, that sentiment is registering with the Republican party as a whole.

Ever since Donald Trump first started speaking out against immigration, white nationalist groups have known who their candidate would be.

Recently David Duke, a prominent former Klansman, threw his full support behind Donald Trump’s presidential run, claiming among other things, that he “understood” him.

“Trump understands the real sentiment of America, talking about the immigration issue. He has really said some incredibly great things recently. I really like the fact that he’s speaking out on this greatest immediate threat to the American people.”

Immigration is the greatest threat to America, really?

The fact that Donald Trump is leading the Republican party says a lot about them. They don’t know which way is up. They only know that they hate outsiders, and they hate Barack Obama.

In a poll that asked Republican voters if they thought Barack Obama was a Christian, Muslim, or “I don’t know,” only 14% thought he was Christian. An alarming 54% wrongfully still believe he is a Muslim while 32% claimed they weren’t sure. In all, 86% of Republicans are in doubt if the President of the United States is a practicing Christian, even though he has been in office for a full seven years. And, here’s the kicker — even though Ted Cruz admits he was born in Canada, 40% think he was somehow born in the United States. But, he’s white, so it’s okay.

The Republican Party is the party of racists. Donald Trump is leading that fight. This latest revelation of Donald Trump’s father and his possible involvement with the KKK, if anything, only creates more questions as to why Donald Trump says the racist things that he does. It fits the narrative all too well.

Featured image via Boing Boing