Shocking New Video Shows ‘What Really Happened’ During Sandra Bland Arrest (VIDEO)

New video evidence shows exactly how Sandra Bland’s traffic stop escalated; and, it’s not pretty. The dashcam footage proves that Officer Encinias lied in both his arrest report and verbal recap to Texas DPS dispatch. The new video sheds light on how a traffic stop for failure to signal a lane change escalated into Miss Bland’s arrest for allegedly “assaulting a public servant.”

When you compare the footage with the arrest report, there are many inaccuracies. Officer Encinia claims that he had Bland exit the vehicle “to further conduct a safe traffic investigation.” He also claimed to dispatch that he attempted numerous times to “de-escalate the situation,” but that’s not true, either.

Officer Encinias opened Miss Bland’s car door and placed his hands on her, because he didn’t like her tone.

When he asked her to put out a cigarette that was in her ashtray, she responded:

“I’m in my own car. I don’t have to do that.”

Miss Bland was the one who tried to de-escalate the situation. This officer overstepped his authority by reaching into her vehicle and forcefully trying to pull her out, simply because of a cigarette in an ashtray. The excessive use of force was unnecessary for a simple traffic stop that was only going to result in a warning in the first place.

The situation went downhill from there. The officer drew his stun gun and attempted to put Bland under arrest while she demanded a reason why the officer was doing what he was doing.

Officer Encinias, who has only been on the force for just over a year, has already been placed on administrative leave for violating a number of police procedures. So far, the agency has not issued an official response on whether or not the officer acted appropriately for drawing his stun gun or pulling her out of the vehicle. But, the video clearly shows that is the case.

Days after this incident Sandra Bland was found dead in her jail cell. This has left her family and friends in complete disbelief, while an entire nation is also left wondering what really happened. Given that she was about to start a new job, those close to her say it’s impossible that she took her own life. A medical examiner determined that her death was a suicide, but those who know her claim she was murdered and are calling for a Justice Department investigation.

What’s sad is that her death was entirely avoidable. Vernon Herron, a 30-year veteran and expert on law enforcement matters, said that if Officer Encinias intended on giving her a warning, that is what he should have done, regardless of her tone.

“A person’s attitiude or their demeanor is not probable cause to make an arrest.”

Before this video, the only thing the public had to go off of was cell phone footage from an onlooker showing what happened after Bland had already been placed on the ground and handcuffed by the officer; but, it really left more questions than answers. Now that it has been determined that the officer was in the wrong and even lied in his report, more rumors are certainly to come about what really led to her death inside of her jail cell.

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