Brooklyn Woman Living In Garbage, Ate And Slept With Dead Mother For Three Years (VIDEO)

dead mother

Stirn’s 4702 15th Avenue residence, near 47th Street. (Photo courtesy of Google street view.)

Eliciting a string of Alfred Hitchcock and Psycho references, the New York Post reported Wednesday that a Brooklyn woman has been found living with her deceased mother in a trash-filled home, perhaps for as long as three years according to the NYPD.

An anonymous cop told the Post:

“It’s a scene right out of ‘Psycho.’ This is one of the weirdest cases I’ve ever seen.”

A police source echoed that sentiment, stating:

“She may have been living there with the mom’s remains for two or three years …. It’s a horrible scene.”

dead mother

Mummified Norman Bates mother prop from Psycho IV: The Beginning. (Photo courtesy of

From the looks of it, 28-year-old Borough Park resident Chava Stirn had been sleeping and dining with her late mother’s skeleton for quite some time when police found her Monday evening, wild-eyed and edgy. She would position her 61-year-old mother’s bones on a bed fashioned out of garbage bags to dine with her. At night she’d pull up a chair and sleep next to the remains. Stirn’s bed, rather, was covered in piles of paper, and in fact, it took police two hours of searching through waist-high trash and debris before they stumbled upon the late Susie Rosenthal’s corpse. Stirn had strangely even taken to dressing in Rosenthal’s clothing. Police found her dressed in the very same clothes Rosenthal had died in when they arrived.

The NYPD visited Stirn’s 4702 15th Avenue residence, near 47th Street, due to a call they’d received from the building’s staff concerning large amounts of debris and a foul smell they discovered when attempting to investigate a leak believed to be coming from Stirn and Rosenthal’s apartment. Twenty-one-year-old neighbor Amin Ashrafov said the stench was beyond bearable. He said:

“I’ve never smelled something like that before.”

Ashrafov has lived in the same building for the last seven years and stated that he was aghast when he caught an unfortunate glimpse into the apartment during the investigation. There was a room that looked virtually empty, but it had shredded newspaper across the floor nearly three feet high. Others later noticed what looked like a stack of pizza boxes in a window in the back of the apartment. Ashrafov stated:

“It was scary. I saw a pile of garbage. I freaked out.”

According to the Post, Stirn never allowed anyone into the apartment. She and her mother were apparently quite a couple of urban hermits. The two of them led such private lives that a relative took to simply leaving food outside their door, yet neighbors said it was not uncommon to hear peculiar noises coming from inside.

One neighbor stated:

“I never saw her or her mother. They never came out. I never saw the door open.”

Another neighbor, 41-year-old Malka Lerner from the fourth floor stated:

“When I listened, she was screaming … ‘I kill myself, I kill myself!”

One police source said Stirn believed her mother had “left her there to die.” She told police that she wished to harm herself, so they transported her to Maimonides Medical Center as they continued to search the apartment.

Currently, the city medical examiner is working to identify the cause of the late Susie Rosenthal’s death, but investigators seem to believe no foul play was involved.

Officers had to knock the door down to get inside.

H/T New York Post.