Debunking Right Wing Bullsh!t: All Mass Killers Are ‘Liberal’

right wing bullshit

I can watch Fox News in here!

All the recent mass shootings have been committed by liberals! 

That’s the talking point that has congealed among conservatives like week old grease and they’ve been repeating it like the delightfully mindless parrots they are in every gun debate. You’ll be absolutely shocked to know that this claim is a complete fantasy made up by an increasingly desperate right wing. You see, the hate and bile they’ve been spewing at President Obama for the last several years is starting to overflow into real world violence on what seems to be a regular basis. Accepting responsibility for this is simply unthinkable for conservatives so, as usual, they’ve begun to repeat the same lie over and over, hoping to obscure the truth. Some of them are actually starting to believe their own bullshit.

The break with reality/breathtaking dishonesty has gotten so bad that the right is even trying to portray the Las Vegas shooters from just a few days ago as “leftists”:

Videos are surfacing of one of the terrorist Las Vegas shooters.

Dressed in Joker face, Jerad Miller rails against “incarcerating innocent Americans and holding them indefinitely.”

Despite attempts on the left to paint these terrorists as conservatives, the truth is they would’ve blended right in at a Code Pink rally.

They were so radical, they were BOOTED from the Cliven Bundy protest camp.

That choking sound you’re hearing is actually you trying to swallow the idea that “leftists” would travel to the Bundy Ranch to join anti-government militias. Anyone who believes that is probably gullible enough to send money to that prince in Nigeria that just needs help to move his millions out of the country. (Cash or money order only please!) Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look at Joe the Imbecile Plumber’s list of “Democratic Killers” that’s been making the rounds and why almost every one of them is a lie:

  • Nidal Hasan – Ft Hood Shooter: Reg­istered Democrat and Muslim. (Hasan had become a radicalized fundamentalist and there is no such thing as a leftist fundamentalist Muslim)
  • Aaron Alexis, Navy Yard shooter – black liberal/Obama voter (there is exactly zero evidence that political ideology was a motivating factor)
  • Seung-Hui Cho – Virginia Tech shooter: Wrote hate mail to President Bush and to his staff, registered Democrat. (there is exactly zero evidence that political ideology was a motivating factor)
  • James Holmes – the “Dark Knight”/Colorado shooter: Registered Democrat, staff worker on the Obama campaign, #Occu­py guy,progressive liberal, hated Christians. (there is exactly zero evidence that political ideology was a motivating factor)
  • Amy Bishop, the rabid leftist, killed her colleagues in Alabama, Obama supporter. (there is exactly zero evidence that political ideology was a motivating factor)
  • Andrew J. Stack, flew plane into IRS building in Texas – Leftist Democrat (His manifesto was extremely anti-government and even more explicitly anti-IRS. Now what political movement do we know that loathes the government and IRS?)
  • James J. Lee who was the “green activist”/ leftist took hostages at Discovery Channel – progressive liberal Democrat. (Hey, this guy is kind of left wing! He was so extreme he thought humans were a plague on the planet! He must have had quite a body count! But actually, as anti-human as he was, he didn’t kill a single person despite having all the time in the world to do it. So why is he on this list?)
  • Jared Loughner, the Tucson shooter – Leftist, Marxist. (there is exactly zero evidence that political ideology was a motivating factor and I’d like to point out he shot a Democrat)
  • Ohio bomb plot derps were occupy Wall St leftists. (Anarchists, not exactly leftists but they were planning to blow up a bridge. Yet, another zero body count)
  • Harris and Klebold, the Columbine Shooters – families registered Democrats and progressive Leftists. (there is exactly zero evidence that political ideology was a motivating factor)
  • Bill Ayers, Weather Underground bomber – Leftist Democrat. (40 years ago)
  • Lee Harvey Oswald, Socialist, Communist and Democrat – killed Kennedy. (50 years ago)

Now, the Animal Liberation Front is nominally left wing and they’re absolutely domestic terrorists but they’re so far removed from the political spectrum that they can’t reasonably be called “left wing terrorists” even by the most dishonest right winger. Past that, the only real left wing terrorists the right has been able to come up with is Bill Ayers and Lee Harvey Oswald. The rest were just crazy people that happened to vote Democratic (or be related to people that did because that totally counts!) but whose rampages and the targets did not reflect anything resembling a left wing ideology. Unless someone can explain what shooting random people in a movie theater has to do with left wing politics? I didn’t think so.

The right is trying so hard to make this “liberal killers” story stick because the uncomfortable truth at the center of it all is a brutal condemnation of the heroic mythology of armed patriotism they’ve built around themselves: The only politically motivated domestic terrorists in this country are coming from the right. They’re not patriots in any sense of the word. They hate this country and everything it stands for. No matter how hard they try to twist the facts, there are no “liberal” killers.

On the other hand, there are dozens upon dozens of examples of violence that are actually based on conservative ideology.

Like Jerad and Amanda Miller who shot two cops, yelled “The revolution has begun” and draped “Don’t Tread On Me ” flags on their victims. Later, they killed another man.

Like Frazier Miller (no relation that I’m aware of), a former Klansman and White Supremacist who shot up a Jewish community center, killing three people.

Like Wade Page, a Neo-Nazi who walked into a Sikh temple looking to kill Muslims (Neo-Nazis are not known for their intelligence). 6 people die.

Like David Pedersen and his girlfriend, Holly Ann Grigsby who killed 4 people and “were on their way to Sacramento to kill more Jews.”

Like Scott Roeder who walked into a church to murder abortion provider Dr. George Tiller.

And, of course, we can’t forget Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols who blew up a federal building, killing 168 including 19 children.

There are dozens of incidents of arson and assaults involving abortion clinics every year. Right wing, anti-government militias have exploded since Obama’s election in 2008, up to almost 1400 from just 149. And since Joe the Moron Plumber includes foiled plots, we get to include those as well. There have been more right wing domestic terrorist plots foiled than “regular” terrorist plots. And so on and so on.

These are the facts that the right is so afraid of. If we started to have an honest discussion about domestic terrorism in this country, it would quickly become apparent that the overwhelming source of that violence is right wing political ideology and the dogmatic, eliminationist rhetoric that goes along with it.

The right has a solution to this disturbing trend. Is it to tone down the violent rhetoric? Condemn those who go too far? Spend a second on self-reflection? Don’t be ridiculous! The best way to deal with the rapidly escalating right wing violence is not talk about it at all and blame as much of it as possible on “leftist terrorists.” After all, personal responsibility is for other people, never for conservatives.