Incest Can Be Voluntary, So No Exception For Abortion, Says Virginia GOP Candidate

Bob Marshall Says No Abortion For Incest Because It Can Be Voluntary

Virginia senate GOP candidate Bob Marshall says that incest can sometimes be voluntary, so abortion shouldn’t be granted in that case, either.

Virginia GOP Senate candidate Bob Marshall believes there are times incest is voluntary, and therefore, should not be a reason for abortion. Though the interview at which he said this was back in 1989, he said, or at least implied, that comments like this are not mistakes.

Bob Marshall has made his position on abortion very clear over the years. He’s introduced several personhood bills in Virginia, which were intended to give a fetus the same rights as a living person from the moment of conception. He’s also the man who introduced Virginia’s controversial trans-vaginal ultrasound bill, requiring women to have invasive ultrasounds prior to having an abortion.

Bob Marshall is no stranger to controversial remarks on many issues. In 2010, he said, according to RightWingWatch, “Nature takes its vengeance on subsequent children. It’s a special punishment, Christians would suggest.” Perhaps the hateful, vicious people who call themselves Christians would suggest that. Bob Marshall certainly does seem to be one of those.

Just a few days ago, Bob Marshall said he wouldn’t back away from that remark. He also suggested that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy is gay, which “explains” his position on marriage equality, and isn’t backing away from that, either.

He also believes marriage equality will hurt our economy, and make it so foreign troops won’t want to fight alongside ours because they won’t take the risk of fighting alongside a gay soldier.

Something that is, perhaps, worse than all of that, is that he wanted to make profane or indecent language a misdemeanor offense in personal email. That was in addition to making threats in personal email a misdemeanor. Threats, perhaps, should be misdemeanors, as long as citations come from complaints, and not the government snooping through emails. However, the rest begs the question: What, exactly, does he think is the government’s business, compared to personal, private business?

In other words, Bob Marshall is yet another far right-wing nutjob, intent on pushing his religious agenda on the country. While he has a following among other right-wing religious nutjobs, many Republicans have tried to distance themselves from him. He’s even been relegated to small committee assignments, despite his level of seniority in Virginia’s House.